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TXT E-Solutions

To join the Chaine network with your TXT E-Solutions device, you will need to send a request directly to TXT Solutions. Once you have obtained your API credentials, you can add it to the Chaine ELD form.

  1. Contact your TXT E-Solutions representative requesting your integration credentials. You can copy paste the below information in your email:
  • To: ,
  • Cc:
  • Subjext: Chaine API Access Credential Request
  • Body:
  Hello TXT Solutions Team,

Can you please generate my API credentials in order to join Chaine's visiblity network? Chaine is visibility provider that we use to provide tracking to our customers.

Company Name:
Company DOT:

Thanks in advance.
  1. Please make sure you add your company name and DOT number to the email, to allow TXT E-Solutions to successfully locate your company within their database.