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A user with administrator access to your GeoTab database has to create a GeoTab service account with a security clearance of “view only”.

In order to do this:

  1. Have an administrator log into the Spireon database and create a Service Account with a security clearance of 'view only'

  2. Make the username: chaine-service@"databasename" where "databasename" is derived from your web portal URL in the example below. You can choose whatever you like for the password.

    In the example URL: your 'databasename' would be "company_name"

  3. Please provide the username, password, and copied URL address in the Chaine ELD form. Make sure to select GeoTab in the ELD Provider dropdown.

We will test the connection before finalization which will require vehicle identifiers. These will be the name/number you have assigned to the vehicle in the GeoTab web portal