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EROAD has merged with Coretex (providers of iBright and other Coretex ELDs). This guide includes the setup for the EROAD hardware, i.e. MyEroad. If you are looking for Coretext (or iBright), please refer to these instructions.

To join Chaine's network with your EROAD ELD, you only need to locate your EROAD API Key from the EROAD web portal:

  1. Login to your EROAD portal at: EROAD Login

  2. On the top right of the page, click the Gear Icon ⚙️

eroad admin settings
  1. Select My Organization from the menu that opens

  2. Find where it says Partner Gateway, and to the right of that text, click the tiny Add button.

eroad partner gateways
  1. Enter chaine for the Name, and also chaine for the Group/Tab. Make sure the Enabled checkbox is checked.
eroad partner gateway add api key
  1. Click Save and you will see the newly created API Key as such.
eroad partner gateway add api key
  1. Copy the API Key, and add it to the Chaine ELD form in the EROAD API Key field.