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Driver says no loads show on the App

If the driver says their Chaine app shows "no loads" or "No assignments yet", the most common reason for this is that the driver logged in with a different phone number than what is entered on the load in Chaine.

The driver cell phone on the load in Chaine MUST match the driver's cell phone that they logged in with.

This commonly happens for a number of different reasons, for example:

  • The dispatcher gives their cell phone number to you when booking the load as the driver's phone. Then tells the actual driver to download the Chaine Driver app.
  • The dispatcher assigns a driver, communicates the driver's cell phone to you, but then switches to another driver. Then the new driver tries to login using their cell phone, but no loads will show until the driver is updated in Chaine.

If you still face an issue, please reach out to support.

load tracking download app message
The #1 reason for this issue is the driver logged in using a different cell phone than what is on the load