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Enabling the Greenscreens App

If you have a account, you can connect it to your Chaine account to sync the Greenscreens' Lane Rate Prediction data into Chaine. This allows your team to see the Greenscreens predicted lane rates on all available posts in side of Chaine.

To get started, in you Chaine account:

  1. Click your Avatar on the top right which will open a menu
  2. Select Settings
  3. In the Settings menu, select Apps
  4. Find the Greenscreens app, and click Enable, and then again on the confirmation pop-up
  5. You will asked to add your Greenscreens client id and client secret. If you don't have this available, ask your Greenscreens account manager for this information.
  6. Click 'Enable' and thats it

Depending in your plan, your loads will start to sync inside of Chaine.

Greenscreens + Revenova

If you have both Greenscreens and the Revenova app enabled, you can utilize both of these apps together to sync Greenscreens' Lane Rate Prediction data into Revenova as well. When both of these apps are enabled, you will see the following fields in Revenova:

Note, the "total" fields are determined by the "per mile" rate multiplied by the distance from Revenova. i.e. gs_Target_Buy_Ratec = gs_Target_Buy_Per_Mile_Ratec * gs_Distance__c

DataDescriptionRevenova API Field Name
Target buy rate totalTotal Target buy rate (fuel included).gs_Target_Buy_Rate__c
Start buy rate totalTotal Suggested starting buy rate for negotiations with the carrier (fuel included)gs_Start_Buy_Rate__c
Low buy rate totalTotal Low boundry of the buy rate (fuel included)gs_Low_Buy_Rate__c
High buy rate totalTotal High boundry of the buy rate (fuel included)gs_High_Buy_Rate__c
Fuel rate totalTotal Fuel surchargegs_Fuel_Rate__c
Target buy per mile rateTarget buy rate (per mile, fuel included).gs_Target_Buy_Per_Mile_Rate__c
Start buy per mile rateSuggested starting buy rate for negotiations with the carrier (per mile, fuel included)gs_Start_Buy_Per_Mile_Rate__c
Low buy per mile rateLow boundry of the buy rate (per mile, fuel included)gs_Low_Buy_Per_Mile_Rate__c
High buy per mile rateHigh boundry of the buy rate (per mile, fuel included)gs_High_Buy_Per_Mile_Rate__c
Fuel per mile rateFuel surcharge (per mile)gs_Fuel_Per_Mile_Rate__c
Confidence levelHow confident the system is in the prediction it is making. From 0 (lowest) to 100 (highest) possible confidencegs_Confidence_Level__c
CurrencyThe currency that the prediction values are in (ISO 4217 format)gs_Currency__c
DistanceTotal distance of the trip (in miles).gs_Distance__c