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Create a connected app

A. Create a connected app

Here's an overview of the steps involved in setting up a Connected Salesforce app to integrate Chaine with SalesForce.

You must have a SalesForce Admin account to proceed.

1. Go to settings, and then on the left side under "PLATFORM TOOLS", under "Apps", select "App Manager"

salesforce settings
salesforce settings side menu

2. When in the "App Manager", click the New Connected App button

salesforce app manager

3. Fill out the "Basic Information". Only the required fields are need. You can copy paste the below for simplicity:

App Name:


Contact Email:

Logo Image URL and Icon URL (Optional):

Info URL (Optional):

Description (Optional):

Chaine connected app lets you to sync available loads in Revenova with Chaine

Here's how it should look:

salesforce new connected app

4. Under "API (Enable OAuth Settings)", check the box labeld Enable OAuth Settings.

salesforce enable OAuth settings

5. In the Callback URL, you must put the following: Staging:


NOTE: For Chaine developers, the salesforce path on the callback url gets removed from API Gateway mappings.

6. Under Selected OAuth Scopes, you must include Full access (full) and Perform requests at any time (refresh_token, offline_access).

salesforce OAuth scopes

7. Select the two boxes labeled Require Secret for Web Server Flow and Require Secret for Refresh Token Flow These steps are for added security.

salesforce OAuth scopes

8. The overall API section should look like this:

salesforce api OAuth settings

9. Scroll to the bottom and click Save.

10. Then click Continue. And you will be take to the newly created App's page.

11. Select the Manage Consumer Details button under the "API (Enable OAuth Settings" section)"".

salesforce manage connected app

12. You will be taken to a new page and will have to Verify Your Identiy by entering a code from your Email. Enter the code sent in your email and click Verify

13. Here, you will be take to a page that shows "Consumer Details" and will be presented with a "Consumer Key" and "Consumer Secret". You will need these two values when you Enable the SalesForce/Revenova integration inside of chaine. You can leave this window open or save these in a secure spot. You will be needing these in the next section.

salesforce connected app consumer details

B. Enable SalesForce/Revenova app in Chaine

  1. Click your Avatar on the top right which will open a menu
  2. Select Settings
  3. In the Settings menu, select Apps
  4. Find the SalesForce/Revenova app, and click Enable
  5. Enter the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret from the last step in the previous section and click next
  6. You will be taken to SalesForce to Authorize the new App. Sign in with your SalesForce Details
  7. Click Allow. And you are all done.