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Share tracking with customers

There are two ways you can share tracking with customers:

  1. Creating a customer portal
    • Creates a portal for the customer through a special link you share with them where they can view all loads pertaining to them.
    • Gives you fine grained control on what loads you want to share
    • Shows tracking statuses for loads that are tracking and also not tracking. Customer's see an "overall status"
    • Customers can search their tracking "board" by PO/Order number or your load number
  2. Adding them as tracking subscribers
    • Share tracking on an individual load
    • You can add or remove a subscriber any time
    • Subscribers see a tracking map and special page for each load
    • Subscribers also receive regular email updates on the load's location ever 4 hours (configurable) for loads that are tracking
    • If a subscriber has multiple loads you are sharing with them, the regular email updates contain a summary of all the loads you added them as a subscriber to save their inbox.
    • Subscribers can turn off the email updates, or change the frequency of them to 30 min, 1 hr, 2 hrs, or 4 hrs. They have the option in the summary emails via a link to the settings.

Both of these options have their benefits. Select them on the side menu to view more details or how to set them up.