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What is in the driver app?

The driver app is a mobile app that allows drivers to view their load assignments, view load details, stop details, and update stop and load statuses.

Load Assignments

The load assignments screen is the first screen that drivers see when they open the app. It shows a list of all of the loads that the driver is assigned to. The driver can click on a load to view the load details.

load tracking app

Load Details

The load details screen shows the details of the load such as:

  • Load number
  • Pickup or reference #s
  • Pickup and delivery locations
  • Pickup and delivery times
  • Mark the load delivered
tracking app load details

Stop Details

The driver can click on any of the stops to view the stop details. The stop details screen shows the details of the stop and allows the driver to update the stop's ETA, arrival or departure times.

tracking app stop details