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Health Insurance - India

Chaine Company policy EE health insurance


  • Chaine encourages all employees to obtain health insurance for themselves and their families.
  • The policy will be provided as a group policy through Star Health and Allied Insurance Company Limited.
  • Chaine will pay for health insurance for employee and immediate family members (spouse, kids, parents, siblings) residing within the same household.
  • Coverage approved for up to 5 lakh per person covered per year.


Individual policies will no longer be reimbursed. Please go through Madhav or Allison to be added to group policy once your current policy expires.


  • Health Insurance benefits for you and your family will terminate on the last day of the month of the event of termination, retirement, or unpaid absence.
  • Future benefits paid by Chaine prior to your termination will be deducted from your last paycheck.


  • If you are on an extended leave of absence (more than 90 days) you will be asked to pay for this portion of your health insurance (total yearly cost/12 x months absent).


  • Coverage to 5 lakh per person covered
  • Waiver of 30 day waiting period, two year exclusion for pre-existing conditions for employee only.
  • Room and board 2% of sum insured (Max Rs. 2000)
  • Ambulance Rs. 750 per hospitalization Rs. 1500 per policy
  • Rs. 20,000 per eye limit for cataracts
  • Hospital must be in-network