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Software Development Engineer

Responsibilities and Expectations

Software Design (Craft)

  • Write clean and maintainable code.
  • Takes initiative and is dedicated to improving and refactoring the code.
  • Follows and drives world-class software development process which includes but is not limited to:
    • Dedication to security and protecting both the system and customer data
    • Unit-Test coverage > 85% following TDD
    • Technical and API documentation on all code.
    • Very detailed, thought through User Experience (UX) diagrams to deliver a phenomenal user experience
    • Technical architecture diagrams built for scalable distributed systems on AWS
    • Proper defining and planning of Issues
    • Collaborating with remembers, skilled in the art of breaking down issues into tasks
    • Follows proper branching and best practices for code-review
    • Taking ownership of the Issue they are working on
    • Works as part of a team and not for themselves
    • Being aware and focused on the company's software roadmap and deadlines when planning and coordinating issues. delivering
  • Demonstrates strong knowledge application of:
    • Domain-Driven Design and Clean Architecture
    • SOLID principles
    • Object Oriented Programming
    • Functional Programming
    • Distributed systems
    • Shows ability to domain model

Other Duties

  • Production and customer support during on and off-hours.
  • Dedication to talk to customers for support and new product enhancements

Company and Culture

  • There is no work life balance. Find something that gives your life purpose to work on.
  • Showing adhering to and setting the standard for company culture
  • Obsession over user-experience and best-in-the-WORLD software
  • Showing urgency and dedication to work in order to thrive in a startup culture
  • Showing immense dedication to progress the company product and vision, and committing beyond normal working hours and weekends as we are not a normal company.
  • An obsessive focus on building software that solves user’s problems, and delivers a user-experience which includes:
    • Examining the best software products on the market
    • Having a deep understanding of logistics and its users, and the problems they face
    • Understanding the company's vision and why we are building what we are building


  • Dedicated to improving English speaking skills
  • Genuine curiosity to learn and improve yourself
  • Dedicated to improving their craft (software engineering) which at minimum, includes:
    • Dedication to learning and applying design patterns in their work
    • Dedication to learning how to improve development process
    • Up-to date on new developments on AWS, Javascript/Typescript, React, NodeJS,
    • Building scalable, enterprise, distributed, event-based, and SAAS systems
    • Learning software design and architecture
    • Dedication to learning logistics and the Physical Internet