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How to utilize events

The most important events typically used by business users are around containers arriving at the destination port and at the inland destination ramp (if the container goes on rail at the inland destination). It is first best to consult your internal team on how you want to utilize the events.

Prior to having the cargo "available for pickup" at a port or rail ramp, both freight and customs have to be "released". A container will typically have certain amount of days (Last Free Day) of "free storage" before being charged a fee (Demurrage). A port provides up to 5 business days, and rail ramp provides 48 hours. Hence, buisness users usually need to get an estimate of when a container will arrive and be discharged at a port or rail ramp. The following four events help business users plan better for getting cargo released:

Important events for cargo "release" workflowsCode
Estimated container discharge at destination portECDD
Container discharge at destination portCDD
Estimated container arrival at inland rampECAR
Container arrival at inland rampCAR