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List of container milestones

Below is a list of container events published by Chaine. Chaine first tries to normalize all events received from the different ocean sealines to the ones specified in the table below. Some sealines may not provide the complete list below, and in most cases they provide only a subset. To see how best to utilize these events, see the how to utilize events

Chaine normalizes these events to the following:

Container milestones and events

Event descriptionCode
Container empty to shipperCEP
Container pickup at shipperCPS
Estimated container arrival at origin port (first POL) - Gate inECGI
Container arrival at origin port (first POL) - Gate inCGI
Container loaded at origin portCLL
Vessel departure from origin portVDL
Estimated vessel arrival at transshipment (T/S) portEVAT
Vessel arrival at transshipment portVAT
Container discharge at transshipment (T/S) portCDT
Transshipment DelayTSD
Container loaded at transshipment (T/S) portCLT
Vessel departure from transshipment (T/S) portVDT
Estimated arrival at destination portEVAD
Vessel arrival at destination portVAD
Estimated container discharge at destination portECDD
Container discharge at destination port (final POD)CDD
Container departure from destination port (final POD) - Gate outCGO
Estimated container arrival at inland rampECAR
Container arrival at inland rampCAR
Estimated container arrival at inland destinationECAD
Container arrival at inland destinationCAD
Estimated container delivery to consigneeECDC
Container delivery to consigneeCDC
Container empty return to depotCER
Land transshipmentLTS
Barge transshipmentBTS

Along with the above events, additional status codes may be provided depending on the event:

Additional status codes descriptionCode
Available for Pick-upAVPU
Available for Drop-offAVDO
Customs Selected for ScanCUSS
Customs Selected for InspectionCUSI
Customs ReleasedCUSR
Gate inGTIN
Gate outGTOT

See container schema for event properties.