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Daily standup:

Standups are quick 15 minute meetings that are designed to ensure that the entire team is aware of impediments, what stories are done or not done, and what tasks are ready to be pulled next. Standups will start on time, regardless of who is there. No need to wait for others to join. Monday mornings, we'll do a 10 min chit chat before starting the standup.

During the standup, the order is chosen at random, either messagd in Slack or the Scrum master will choose who will start. Each person answers the following two questions only:

  • What is the one thing you will work on today?

    This should take 30 seconds or less

You may have other things you are going to do, but what is your most top prioriy thing you will need to do today that you will hold yourself accountable for. Keep in mind, you may finish your one thing and do others, which you can list in your Slack Geekbot report. No need to discuss those on the call.

Any additional coordination, questions, or scheduling of meetings with coworkers should take place via Slack after the meeting. Feel free to send direct messages to others on Slack if meetings are required (please do not coordinate this on the call). You don't need to report what you did yesterday

  • You should always have only one thing in the in progress board.
  • Any complete items should be moved to In Review. If you have 4 or more items in Review, get those closed out before moving to the next task.
  • Anythign else should be in the back to the backlog if you're not working on it, or closed if there is no plans to work on it (we can always re-open it later if it becomes prioirty).

What if you are unsure of what to work on?

Engineers and QA should review the backlog and should be able to pick something from there based on the order. If you don't know what you're going to work on before the standup, make sure you look before the meeting, or even the previous day to get an idea of what you will work on.

If you need any clarification on it, you can add a question on the issue. You can DM in Slack if you need an answer that is impeding you to start on an issue.