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Folder structure

A database first BFF should have the following structure:

  • Query: code related to making queries (getting data)
  • Command: code related to making commands (a change)
  • Infra: infra related code (servers, models, etc)
  • Utils: general tools/shared code
  • Listener: mappers for events that the BFF is consuming
  • Trigger: rules for events that the BFF is publishing

Query folder (src/query)

The query folder holds the code related to making queries. Below details the structure.

Query folder example structure

- query
- initApplication.ts
- getSomething
- index.ts: exports getSomethingController
- return-type.ts: exports GetSomethingReturnType
- getSomethingElse
- index.ts: exports getSomethingElseController
- return-type.ts: exports GetSomethingElseReturnType

initApplication.ts (src/query/initApplication)

This file is responsible for initializing the application container.

A folder for each query resolver

Each graphql query resolver should have its own resolver. For example, take a look at the following queries in the resolver:

type Input<T> = { input: T }

export const resolvers = {
Query: {
getSomething: (_: DocumentNode, { input }: Input<{ id: string }>) => {
return getPostController(
getSomethingElse: (_: DocumentNode, { input }: Input<{ id: string }>) => {
return getUserPostsController(

Each of the above queries should have it's own folder:

  • src/query/getSomething
  • src/query/getSomethingElse

Each folder should have the following files:

  • index.ts - the controller for the query
  • return-type.ts - the return type of the query