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Reimbursable Items

List and examples of reimbursable items for your home office setup. There is a limit to the total reimbursable amount so make sure to check with management Allison for approval before purchase. After purchase, please request a reimbursement form from Allison.

When making purchases, remember to treat company money like it is your money. If you find better quality items for a similar price at the market, definitely purchase from the market. For example, Himani got a high-end chair for 3835Rs at the market and it was priced for 12K online.


  • Desk
  • Chair
    • If you get better one in market where it is high-chair to back of head for similar price, that is ok too
  • Monitor Arm - this is a must! It will save a LOT of desk space and will make your workspace less cluttered.
  • Laptop Riser Stand
  • Foot rest
    • The footrest is ideal for good ergonomics and having a straight back when sitting. Here is an example.


Workspace Essentials

Workspace Acessories

  • Macbook Protector
  • Plants: Plants (artificial) for desk (make sure to get at least one, or two). They provide good energy as our brains react well to green color plants, even if artificial.
  • Lighting: Lamps and lights are eligible for reimbursement. Make sure to use daylight lighting for optimal lighting inside.
    • Light strips are great to tape behind your desk or in other parts of the room and provide really good lighting in day and night. This one is a good one
    • Night Lighting: some lighting options if you work during night time:
  • Posters: posters help drive ambiance and positive energy in your workspace