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Mission, Vision, Values

🧭 Mission​

Our misison is to help make logistics more efficient and sustainable by reducing redudancy and wasteful tasks from the people that work in this industry. People should be focused on creative work and problem solving, not dull and repititive tasks.

πŸ”­ Vision​

To empower all people in all forms of transportation to effectively work together in a hyperconnected and collaborative logistics ecosystem for the world of tomorrow.

βš–οΈ Our Shared Culture Values​

We take inspiration from other companies, and we always go for the boring solutions. Just like the rest of our work, we continually adjust our values and strive to make them better.

Obsess over the customer​

Customers matter an order of magnitude more than competitors. Always start at the customer, and end at the customer. Work hard to build and retain our customer's trust and deliver exceptional value.


Focus on the user and not on the solution. Understand their problems, their struggles. Watch them at work, observe, question, and the solution will appear. Never compromise on design and the user experience, period.

Hire the Best, and be the Best Coach​

To be the best, you have to be surrounded by the best. Never compromise on hiring and strive to be a coach at a all times.

Redefine the status quo (be contrarian in your thinking)​

Don't just accept things as they are, challenge everything, when faced with the "impossible", (impossible is a word) know anything is possible.

Accomplish more with less​

Constraints focus the mind and provide fertile ground for creativity.

Operate with purpose and grit​

We believe that people with purpose and grit can change the world. Grit is passion and perseverance. Passion alone can make you great. But having a purpose with passion and perseverance will make you legendary. Operate with a purpose and grit and you will impact a lot of people and change the world.

Have an innocent curiosity​

Never stop improving yourself; be curious, read more, learn things you don't know, take a class on something you are unfamiliar with. Ideas can come from the most unexpected and unfamiliar places.

Be aware, master the mind​

Leaders listen before reacting, are emotionally and intelligently aware, and never lose their cool, no matter what the situation. But this requires training; as you would train your body, you must train and master your mind. Meditate, exercise, eat right; you will be the master of the universe.

Be swift, decisive, and adjust when wrong​

Have conviction, be swift and decisive. Taking too long is often far more detrimental than being quick and wrong. You can always adjust. Those who survive β€œare not the strongest or the most intelligent, but the most adaptable to change.” - Darwin