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What is Chaine?

Chaine is a freight automation platform that syncs with your TMS to offer workflow automation, truckload visibility, truckload carrier management and booking platform, and ocean visibility.

The Core Chaine platform connects all your integrations and data sources around a load object that is synced with your TMS, and allows your team to collaborate with the companies (freight brokers or carriers) they work with. In addition to the core platform, Chaine offers the following three products:

  1. Copilot: Our workflow automation platform which allows customers to build rules to automate their workflows. Your TMS's entire load/shipment object is synced with Chaine, and Copilot can be used to automate the workflows based on any of the fields on the load object.
  2. Booking: Our truckload carrier management and booking platform is the future of booking carriers. Helps engage and collaborate with your network of carriers to reduce the time carrier sales reps spend talking to carriers. Connect this with the Copilot for powerful automations around your freight matching and booking process.
  3. Visibility: Truckload visibility via ELDs, mobile app, SFTP files, EDI, API and more. We connect with your carriers in the easiest and fastest method that is possible based on each's capabilities. For customers that are moving containers, they can leverage our APIs to get coverage with >98% of the Ocean Sealine carriers.


To integration with Chaine, simply export the entire load object to our Sync webhook any time there is a change on the load.

TMS Integrations

📄️ In-house TMS Docs

📄️ Third-party TMS Provider Docs

📄️ Ocean Visibility API Docs

Other forms of integration

Rate confirmation PDF to Chaine - App

You can also forward all rate confirmations to a Chaine email that you can get by enabling the "Rate confirmation PDF to Chaine" app in the Chaine Apps page.

  • Go to Settings > Apps > Rate confirmation PDF to Chaine.
  • Once enabled, you will be given an email address that you can forward all rate confirmations to. We will parse the rate confirmation and automatically create a load in Chaine.

SFTP Files

We can also integrate via SFTP files. Please contact your Chaine representative for more information.