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Version: 0.0.0

Third-party TMS Integration

This page contains information for third-party TMS providers on how they can integrate with Chaine.

We make integrating with third-party TMS's simple. Most TMS's have an export functionality where the entire load object can be exported as-is any time there is a change to the load. This is the preferred method of integration.

We recommend that you send the entire load object with all the fields to this end-point. Our workflow automation features can be created on any field in the TMS, and thus this gives our mutual customers an unlimited amount of possibilities when creating workflow rules. Chaine will map your entire load object with all the fields to our internal load object and update the load accordingly in our system. This functionality allows customers to utilize the complete suite of features.

We strive to make the integrations as seamless as possible for mutual customers and our partner TMS providers. For any new mutual customer that wants to enable the integration, they will simply provide you with an API Key to be used in the headers of the export request.

The flow is:

  1. A load is created, updated or deleted in your TMS
  2. The entire load object with all the fields is exported to Chaine via a webhook you provide. For deleted, you can simply send the unique load ID and action type of delete.
  3. Events are then published back to a webhook you specify (depending on the functionality that is determined to be updated back in the TMS for the integration).


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