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Tracking Statuses

There are several tracking statuses that are shown on the tracking dashboard and they vary if you are using our legacy platform or our new platform.

Legacy Platform

Request AppIf a driver phone number is present, the driver was sent a tracking link to download the app and we are awaiting for them to install it.
Incorrect PermissionsThe driver has installed the app and has logged in, but has only authorized "When in use" or "Never" permissions. In this case, please call the driver and ask them to set the app and phone permissions to "Always". When the driver opens the app, a popup will open with step by step instructions on how to do this.`,
TrackingThe tracking is set up properly and is working.
StationaryThis displays when the load is tracking but we keep getting the same location for the load. The stationary time will tell you how long the load has been stationary. If the Stationary status remains for more than 24 hours then the status will change to Location not found.
BannedIf our system detects that a driver is using fake GPS app to fake their location, or they are using an 'emulated device' to fake their location, we will automatically exclude those location data points from showing. Consequently, any loads associated with these flagged locations will be marked as “Banned.”
ELD Device Not FoundWhen an load is set to be tracked through an ELD (see below), and the carrier is setup with Chaine, this will be shown in two scenarios: 1. the specified truck or trailer number does not exist in the ELD provider's database, or 2. if the specified truck or trailer number exists in the ELD provider's database but there is no location data present from the ELD provider.
CompletedThe tracking for this load has successfully completed. This will show usually show up 4 hours after the load has been marked delivered.

When is ELD tracking enabled?

To enable ELD tracking for a load, you must meet ONE of the two conditions below:

  1. Scenario 1
  • The carrier's MC is provided on the load
  • The carrier is connected with Chaine
  • A valid truck number or trailer number is provided on the load that exists in the carrier's ELD system
  1. Scenario 2
  • The carrier's SCAC code is prefixed to the truck number or trailer number field. Ie. Truck Number = 'SCAC1234' or Trailer Number = 'SCAC1234'
  • The carrier is connected with Chaine
  • The truck number or trailer number provided exists in the carrier's ELD system

Banned Status

At Chaine we pride ourselves in product quality. One of the most pressing issues in the industry right now is double brokering, and double brokers are getting smarter and more sophisticated. When they double broker your load, and assign another carrier, it is risky for them to provide that driver's phone number. Instead, they often provide their own phone number and ask the driver to login to the app, or worse, they are faking the GPS locations using their own phones. To combat this issue, we are able detect when the bad carriers are using app's that fake your GPS location, or when they are running a phone on the computer, and faking the location via an emulated phone.

We are taking a zero-tolerance policy towards these carriers and banning them from our platform. When a carrier or driver uses a GPS spoofing app or phone emulator, we are immediately banning that user from our platform. What you will see on your end is the below which will indicate the carrier is lying about their location.

In the future if any platform customer tries to add one of the previously spoofing drivers, the system will alert the customer and block the driver from tracking.

If you require to use this carrier on a load, we can create an exception for you, but at your own risk knowing that this carrier has been known to spoof their location.


Q: Does have any sort of speficic phone carrier or phone model cause this? No, this is not related to the phone carrier or phone model. This will ONLY happen when a driver is using a Fake GPS spoofing app or an emulated device.

New Platform

Coming soon...