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Vacation & Leave Policy

At Chaine, we take pride in our employees’ incredible work ethic, and we want to reward and recognize that by offering an unlimited vacation policy. Instead of a traditional vacation or sick day policy, you can request time off as you see fit. No vacation days will accrue, no time off will expire, and you won’t see any mention of vacation time on your pay stubs.

We have adopted this policy because it embraces two key parts of our company culture: trust in each other and a great work-life balance. We believe that in order to do your best work, you should get the time you need for rest, rejuvenation, or recovery. This policy is also based on a mutual trust between you, your team, your manager, and the company as a whole.

Instead of accruing and tracking vacation time, you can simply plan the vacation time you’d like to take off with your manager and your team. The time off is yours to enjoy (or just there when you need it), as long as you follow the company guidelines detailed below!

WHO IS ELIGIBLE FOR UNLIMITED VACATION This policy is available to all salaried employees who are not in a probationary period.

WHAT CAN THE TIME OFF BE USED FOR? The time off is yours, to use as you see fit! You can use it for vacations, staycations, weddings, illness, family illness, emergencies, mental health days, doctor’s appointments, or any other personal matters that might require you to take time off from work.


  • All time off requests are subject to approval by your manager. Managers approve vacation time on a first-come, first-served basis. Not all time off will be approved, but it is pretty rare for a time off request to be denied.
  • Approval requests should be sent to your manager with a cc to HR, Allison and Madhav. Requests can be submitted via email or slack.
  • Some situations where it might be denied are unreasonable long-term requests, or recurring time off, like every Friday. In other instances, it may not be possible to have several teammates out during the same week, or if your presence is required for a critical event.
  • Give as much notice as possible. For planned absences, it’s best to put in the request 2-4 weeks in advance. For unplanned absences, please let your manager know as soon as possible. For unplanned absences of 3+ days due to injury or illness, please provide a doctor’s note certifying that you are fit to return to work.
  • Time off is still tracked. Chaine will track vacation time for all employees to make sure that employees are taking the minimum time off and don’t take time off that compromises their performance. This also makes it easier to ensure proper coverage while the employee is out of office, as well. We also track time off to make sure that employees are not overworking themselves.
  • This policy covers sick days. Included within this unlimited paid time off policy are paid sick days. Requests to use sick days should follow the same procedure outlined in this document. Since these days are included within this policy, they do not roll over or accrue.
  • Unused vacation days do not get paid out. Your ability to take paid time off is not a form of additional wages for services performed but is part of our promise to provide a flexible work schedule—including your ability to decide when and how much time to take off.
  • This policy is built on trust! If an employee’s performance declines significantly due to abuse of this policy, Chaine reserves the right to review the employee’s use of this policy and determine if discipline or termination is appropriate.