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Test Engineer (TE) or Engineer in Test (EIT)


  • Analyze requirements and prepare a query list. If requirements are incomplete, or you have any questions on send a message in advance to product owner and have the queries ready and document it if needed
  • Understand all the requirements others are working on in parallel to understand the PRODUCT
  • Have a very clear understanding of the product direction
  • Identify test conditions and features to test develop test scenarios and document it
  • Conduct exploratory , automated and regression testing
  • Test the overall product using appropriate testing techniques and tools (If needed)
  • You are responsible to write test cases for the current sprint before the development starts— scripts describing an input action and an expected response. While testing we can document the actual result. Make sure the test cases are understandable and other QA should be able to just run the test cases and test it
  • Bug has to be explained clearly with the failed test cases and steps to reproduce
  • Once the engineering team reports that the bug is resolved, QA must verify whether the problem is now fixed and do a complete testing related for that module. if a bug/defect is found in a particular module, the chances are there for other defects. That is why it makes sense to test that area of the product thoroughly(Defect Clustering).
  • Running the same set of tests again and gain wont help you to find more issues. As soon as detected errors are fixed. the test scenarios becomes useless. Therefore, it is important to review and update the tests regularly in order to find more errors
  • Regression test cases has to be updated on every deployment and should be always Up-to-date. This applies for both the Web and also Mobile
  • Production has to be monitored on daily basis and has to be reported in Customer support channel . If one person is not available it has to be intimated earlier so that other QA takes care of
  • When there is any issues in Production that has to be reported under Prod-support Channel
  • Customer report has to be sent on time if person is not able to do it that has to be report on time so that other person takes care of
  • Follow the same test case template and should be maintained separately for each module (Need to discuss with Param on how we are going to maintain this)
  • Maintain same working hours. especially make sure you are available on Prime hours(Will be notified soon)
  • QA team has to participate in scrum meetings and also status call regularly (Join the call on time)
  • Should mention if there is any blocker on daily call
  • Most importantly while testing make sure you do performance testing (This should be done by default) -Backend Api has to be automated as soon as it is delivered by engineering team